Win Dodge Preserve

The Win Dodge Preserve is over 29 acres with 14 acres of trails, beautiful views, and natural habitats for animals, plants, and insects. The access is from Cooneymus Road by a private right of way, down Dicken’s Road. Parking is along the road. The trail is clearly marked by a walker’s welcome sign. After a few minutes on the trail you will find yourself at the remains on an old foundation. This is the historic Dicken’s homestead. The open meadow is a great place to for picnicking and bird watching. The high ground also provides beautiful vistas across Dicken’s Farm, Lewis Farm, and southwest point. The trail continues on to a short hilly loop. Access to Dicken’s Farm open space via a 15-foot pedestrian easement is located near the loop. If you wish to continue on the Dicken’s Farm, use the stiles to access Dicken’s Road and turn left. The Dicken’s Farm open space is a short walk down the dirt road and is located on the right side of the road.