Mazzur Trail

This is a quick trail with a huge payoff. The lot lies directly across from Smilin’ Through on Cooneymus Road. This 2.3 acre property was acquired by The Nature Conservancy in 2000 from Sallie Mazzur. To start, turn off Center Road onto Cooneymus Road. Opposite Smilin’ Through there are places to park on the roadside. In two places in the stonewall there are stone steps set in the ground. The lot is entirely encircled by stonewalls. The assent is step but not difficult. In minute you can be at the top of the hill. When you turn amount, the views can be breathtaking: Smilin’ Through, uninterrupted stone walls, and cleared fields will occupy your attention for a long time. But the biggest surprise is your view looking downward on these wonderful sites. All of the fields you see are preserved so whenever you return you can expect to see the same wonder. The views are not to be missed in all seasons, but the very best times are shortly after the fields have been mowed. This can happen in late Fall.