Harrison Trail

The Harrison trail is a favorite “walk in the woods” between West Side Road and Beacon Hill Road, a roundtrip that takes a leisurely hour. The trail consists of a string of pedestrian easements through private properties. Walkers should take care to stay on the path. Starting at the trailhead off Jane Lane (across from Champlin Road), the trail goes up and down hills and along well-mowed paths, with one stone wall to cross. It passes behind the newly constructed West Side homes and the Island Cemetery. Some of the Cemetery’s more interesting monuments can be admired from this vantage point, as can the stillness of the Great Salt Pond. The path’s beauty lies in its closeness to the trees and brush and the periodic views of overgrown stone walls. Many birds flit across the path. When you reach Beacon Hill Road, you emerge at the often photographed.

Beacon Hollow Farm with its horses, donkeys, chickens and ducks. At this point, the Harrison Trail ends but you may cross Beacon Hill Road to continue along the Greenway trails, all the way to Black Rock if desired. Since so many walkers bring their dogs on the trails — a great thing for both owners and dogs — it is worth mentioning trail etiquette as it pertains to pets. All dogs must be kept leashed and should never be allowed free on private property. Even the most well trained dog may chase a deer, spook livestock or scare a child coming up the trail.