Beach Avenue Trail

To get there, go up (North) Corn Neck Road and turn left onto Beach Avenue. On your right, after the first house, is our Beach Avenue Trail sign. This trail was used extensively this summer because of its proximity to the public beach. Here you will discover a new view of Trim’s Pond. You can walk right to its shore. Across the pond is a beautiful view of Indian Head Neck. To the West stands the lovely white Narragansett Inn, while to the east the dunes roll seaward to Crescent Beach. In the warm months expect to see shore birds—great egrets in particular. We maintain the cleared trails in this season, but in mid fall we mow the entire salt meadow. You can walk the trails in all months of the year and never tire of the beauty of this area. In the spring and summer, new and different flowers bloom every few weeks. The tall grasses waving in the wind are a sight not to be missed. In early fall when the golden rod is in full bloom, thousands of Monarch butterflies hover over the blossoms, their brilliant orange giving the effect of another layer of flowers in the air. Walking is extremely easy. You can walk the perimeter trail in 20 minutes for exercise, or explore at leisure, bring a picnic, and stay for 2 hours.