Attwood Trail

Attwood property, located near Sachem Pond off Corn Neck Road, provides a pleasant respite during a bike trip to the North Light. Although the path includes a somewhat steep climb to the top of the hill, one’s efforts are rewarded by a view of the pond, the lighthouse and the blue-gray waters surrounding the tip of the island. Especially at the height of the summer, there is a sense of solitude on the hill. It provides an excellent locale for a picnic lunch: bring a blanket and provisions and enjoy the walls, fields, some nice pine trees and wildflowers in summer and autumn– and maybe a migrating flock of robins or an overheard merlin in the fall. BIC acquired this property from William Attwood in 1985; it comprises 1.8 acres. Dead trees and overgrowth of poison ivy and bittersweet vines were removed and the hill’s contours emerged. Regular mowing has encouraged flowering goldenrod and other native plants. Of note are the parallel stone walls along the road — any guess as to their purpose when built years ago?