Caroline Barr, Executive Director

Caroline has been spending summers on Block Island since she was a kid and has worked at various shops and restaurants on the island throughout high school and college. After graduating college in 2011, Caroline moved out to California where she has spent the last 10 years living between San Diego and Block Island. After working for 8 years in the sporting events industry for Ironman Triathlon Company, Caroline started her own event operations company called Point 6 Productions in January of this year. Caroline decided to move back to Block Island full time this past May to work on her business as well as make and sell sea salt at the Block Island Farmers Market with her family’s salt company, Block Island Salt Works. Her love of Block Island is what drew her to this position, and she is very excited to start working with Block Island Conservancy.

Cindy Davis, Project Assistant

Cindy has been vacationing on Block lsland since 2004.  She was drawn to the island by her love of nature and desire to have her sons grow up enjoying the outdoor activities that Block Island has to offer.  

Cindy started working as a research scientist but transitioned to education early in her career.  She lived in New Jersey and taught science to students in grades 6-9, nurturing a love of science and awareness of nature in her students.  At the start of the pandemic, Cindy moved to the island full time and taught her classes remotely.  After returning to classroom teaching, she found that her love of the island outweighed her love of the classroom and in 2022, she realized that it was time to retire from the classroom and move to the island full time.

Cindy enjoys clamming, spearfishing, swimming, and exploring the open spaces.  As an educator, she looks forward to raising awareness of our impact on the fragile environment and the vital importance of sustainable practices in everyday living.