Ray Durfee Lot

Three neighbors were largely responsible for Block Island Conservancy’s acquisition of the 2.5 acre Ray Durfee Lot across West Side Road from BIC’s Martin Lots. Leonard Perfido, Michael Oppenheimer, Ashton Harvey and their families, whose properties are adjacent to and overlook the Ray Durfee Lot, donated $622,500 to BIC for the $790,000 acquisition. BIC, with help from the The Nature Conservancy, the Block Island Land Trust, and several other neighbors, funded the balance of the purchase price.

Ray Durfee was an eighth generation descendant of Simon Ray, one of the original settlers of Block Island. The lot was purchased from his children, Linda and Robert Durfee.

The high point of the Ray Durfee Lot has a 120 degree view from South to Northwest, and a trail has been established for the public to walk from West Side Road to the high point to enjoy the view and sunsets.