Mitchell Farm

Corey-Mitchell-Farm-1Thanks to incredible generosity, Block Island Conservancy’s Mitchell Farm Campaign reached a successful conclusion. We received donations and pledges of future donations that will allowe us to fulfill our financial obligations to complete this easement acquisition.

BIC raised the $750,000 acquisition cost, with the help of a $100,000 grant from Rhode Island’s DEM, plus the projected interest cost over 5 years on our promissory note, while covering our legal and closing costs and our minimal fund raising expenses (less than 2%). All of this was achieved within one year of starting the campaign. This is a remarkable feat!

One of the Island’s most cherished vistas, over 1,000 feet of road frontage with open field landscape running north and south is now protected and will remain uninterrupted and intact. Those 1,000 feet are as important to Block Island’s sense of community as is the overlook at Rodman’s Hollow.

LesleyUlrich-mitchellWe appealed to the broad based Island community, its extended family and friends, and admirers who cherish the character and culture of Block Island. The response, as is attested to in the final list of campaign donors, was overwhelming. You will see more than 740 entries, representing more than 1,200 individuals in all. That is an impressive mobilization of support and confirms that conservation and open space protection is a Block Island priority.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!