Sponsor a Trail for a Year!

Sponsor a trail for the year! BIC is working to update trail signs to make our preserves more fun to explore. By donating $1,000 to sponsor the BIC Fair, you will help cover trail sign expenses and help with regular annual expenses for clearing and maintaining the trail.

Pick a trail below and make sure you get out there and hike it to see your support in action!

Bonnell Beach

Bonnell Beach is a 7-acre preserve along the western edge of the Great Salt Pond. Trails lead through the open upland fields down to a sandy beach that is a popular place to launch kayaks, rowboats, or paddle boards.

Martin Lots

The stonewalls, rolling hills, and open meadows of the Martin Lots provide beautiful scenic views from Old Mill Road and West Side Road. Walkers can leisurely explore the trails that follow the edges of these walled lots and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers, including goldenrod, asters and common milkweed, which attracts many monarch butterflies in the late summer.

Ray Durfee

From the hilltop at the Ray Durfee Lot, walkers get a 270° view from Southwest Point and out toward Montauk, Connecticut, and mainland Rhode Island. This is one of the best vantage points on the island to catch the sunset.

Carey Lot

The Carey Lot has a beautiful grassy loop through dense shrubs that shade the path and provide walkers with an opportunity to get face-to-face with songbirds feeding in their branches. The open field at the center of the property is a lovely place to take a picnic under several large cherry trees.

Walsh Lot

The Walsh Lot’s trails were just recently re-opened by BIC. Its loops take walkers through groves of shad and cherry trees, making it easy to forget the bustle of the island in the summer months. The Walsh Lot connects to many miles of trails to the east and south at the center of the island.

Nathan Mott Park

Nathan Mott Park was the first conserved property on Block Island. In 1941, Lucretia Mott Ball created the park in honor of her father, whose family farmed the property for many years. Follow the trail through an open meadow to the top of the hill where there is a spectacular view to the east over town and up to Clay Head’s bluffs. Walkers can find miles of trail in Nathan Mott Park and the surrounding protected areas.

Win Dodge Preserve

The 29-acre Win Dodge Preserve gives walkers a unique look at both the natural and cultural history of Block Island. The old stone foundations are the remains of the original Dickens family homestead; the family farmed this part of the island for generations. At the top of the hill, take in vistas out over Southwest Point and out towards Montauk, then take care going down into a deep gully where there are abundant berrying shrubs full of songbirds.

Attwood Overlook

The Attwood Overlook boasts spectacular views north over Sachem Pond to the North Light and west to the Block Island Sound. The mowed hilltop is a great place for a picnic while enjoying the view, the property’s abundant wildflowers, and ospreys soaring overhead.

Meadow Hill Trail

The Meadow Hill trail is easily accessible and a refuge in nature just steps out of town. Its winding trail takes walkers through open grassy fields and through shady tunnels. Keep an eye out for northern harriers that hunt in the meadows.

Beach Avenue Trail

Located at the edge of Trim’s Pond, the Beach Avenue Trail allows walkers to explore the backside of this unique ecosystem. Walkers can enjoy a unique view of the inner harbor, oyster farms, and see many shorebirds, like great egrets or American oystercatchers feeding in the shallow water.


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