Michael Chapman – Executive Director

MichaelMichael quickly fell in love with Block Island during his initial visit in 2014. It was Block Island’s natural beauty and wonder that was the catalyst in his decision to move there, and working with an organization tasked with maximizing the preservation of Block Island was exactly what he knew he wanted to do.

After graduating from RIT with a BFA in Graphic Design Michael worked for several years in business development and marketing for a medium-sized firm in Washington DC. Ultimately corporate life and marketing work in DC were satisfying but he was looking for more and moved to Ithaca, New York— which he identified as hub of forward thinking conservation practices that resonated with his own developing internal principles.

In Ithaca, he helped develop and market a top-honored fair-trade, sustainably produced, boutique coffee company “Gimme! Coffee.” He was originally drawn to work with Gimme because of the commitment to fair-trade practices and production with minimal negative environmental impact.

Throughout Michael’s life he’s consistently held a deep commitment and concern for preserving and protecting the natural world. He continues to learn, practice, and appreciate sustainability and preservation in the form of permaculture, and in creating a lifestyle which doesn’t deplete nature’s gifts and bounty, but rather gives back in a manner in which our natural environment can thrive.